Making the iNfinite Relative

About UA:305

Making the iNfinite Relative

Urban Alchemist began with a simple interest in applying scientific reasoning into dialogue involving spirituality and holistic health while funding these conversations through the business of massage. But what began as an inquiry into the infinite has evolved into a unique way to inquire, understand and apply the many concepts that prevail in the spiritual/holistic community with activities such as our Eye Gazing Workshop (relationship building), Rough Draft Series (public speaking), and LABS Department (Pre-release alpha testing series on various activities).


Along with massage services and continual integration of unique modalities such as Cranial Sacral, Thai Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment, and more, Urban Alchemist 305 seeks to bring enlightenment through the many facets of sensory perception.

The team (...so far)

Rudy Anthony

"Stay Tuned, Stay Disciplined, & Never Forget How Powerful You Are."

Rudy (Rodolfo Paez LMT MA 70535) has been a practicing therapist since 2012 since graduating from Acupuncture & Massage College located in Kendall, FL. Since then he has been involving himself in various practices primarily studying and integrating studies of neuroscience, psychology, energy work (qigong, pranic healing, etc) and applying the knowledge into both the healing and martial arts. 


Rudy's major focus in life is the study and application of neuroscience applied to various academic and faith-based disciplines.