Making the iNfinite Relative

The Alchemist Difference

We are healers, we are warriors, we are philosophers, we are leaders, and we are critics of knowledge and seekers of truth.


We are activists for consciousness, enlightenment, communication, and harmony. We do this with love but the usually peaceful and lovely dialogue you’d associate with most holistic practitioners is not our main focus. 


This is Enlightenment with an Attitude!


Feel Free to Express. 

∞ ☯ ☆



A subtle world exists at a level not immediately apparent to our conscious awareness but is brought forth with intention, respect, and observation. But once we connect with it, it becomes so much more than an abstract phenomenon. To learn more, check out our spiritual education platform or book an energy healing session. 




The physical world is often approached with a dismissive attitude, but an Alchemist knows that just as above, so below. Physical healing can help mental and spiritual facets of our lives and if we ignore this information, we are failing to see things holistically. Feel the difference in your whole being with UA:305 Massage Services.


The mind is the software of the complex computer that is the brain. Every experience that we have is a fortification or dissolution of belief. Take control of your system and learn what it means to live a life that combines faith and neurolinguistic programming for the ultimate fortification of mental health with our Spirit Coaching Sessions.

Our Services

60 | 90 | 120 Minutes 

100|140| 190 Dollars

60 | 90 Minutes 

60 | 75 Dollars

Swedish • Shiatsu • Mysoskeletal Alignment • Trigger Point Therapy • Thai Massage* • Cranial Sacral Massage*

Life Coaching • NLP* • Hypnosis*

Bioenergetic Recalibration • Tarot Reading 

*Services Currently Unavailable For Commercial.

For LABS Sessions Feel Free to Contact Us.

60   Minutes 

100 Dollars


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